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Pine State

Pine State, spearheaded by the Learned Dan, were the great and heroic originators of the Glorious Dialactical Culturalism, which postulates that American Culture will collapse under its own stupidity, thereby setting the stage for its rebirth into the golden Age of Lawsonomy.

This age will be characterized by the repudiation of the heresies of 'individualism' and 'critical thought' by the masses, resulting in a blissful state of freedom from intellectual work and hardship, as well as the enumeration of an unbounded number of just laws and administrative edicts as deemed necessary for the protection of the masses.

Up until the time of Dan's Transfiguration, he behaved in a Ho Chi Minh -like fashion of sitting by a single telephone, from which he directed all activites of the Great and Glorious Cultural Heritage Victim Revolution. Dan worked tirelessly to educate the masses that in the coming Golden Age, the wise media will think for them and the beneficient government will monitor them to help them act properly at all times, as well as relieve them of the means to inflict racist damage on each other and themselves using the public health menace of the evil firearm.

C. Wiley Riser - guitars, vocals, lap steel
Charlie Sp8
- vocals, washboard, noise guitar
Dan "The Gimp" Partridge
- junkyard percussion, rants, screech vocals, saw, whistles
Adam McKible
- bass, backing vocals
Lemuel Huffines
- attorney, preaching
Michael "The Blade" Shoffner
- drums, violent outbursts, Gambler vocals
Scott Craddock
- drums, metal
Hisa Sawaki
- lead and slide guitars (1997-present)
Nicholas "Dr. Rock" Petti
- guitar, pedal steel (1995-1996)
A.C. Lee
- rhythm and slide guitars (1994-1995)

The Gimp training an apprentice



- "2 Turds and a Golf Ball" track included on "2 Turds and a Golf Ball" CD compilation (released Nov. 2002 - 1050 pressed) [buy this item]

- "Pine State's Mellow Madness" / "Rollin' With The Low Rollers" double CD (released November 2000 - 45 tracks - 1000 pressed) [buy this item]

- "King of Swagger" track included on "Power of Tower" WXDU benefit CD compilation (on Cred Factory)

- "Bird Dog Blues" track included on "Cognitive Mapping Vol. II" CD compilation (on Friction Media)

- "I'm Your Man" track included on "Who The Hell? A Tribute to Richard Hell" CD compilation (on Cred Factory)

- split 7" with Trailer Bride (on Friction Media - includes 2 Pine State songs: "100th Broken Heart" and "Moanin' The Blues") [buy this item]

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