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High Kicks to Your Dicks! It's...

Known as the Pied Pipers of Children's Music, the Grand Pricks contained members from Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, North Carolina. The music features a very 60's-influenced guitar sound which cranks out at high-speed punk rock velocities and mixes perfectly with the precision rhythm section. Throw in a shrieky singer and his ultra-dumb lyrics and you've got the Grand Pricks. Their performances are often ridiculous specatacles of mustaches, pajamas, oozing spittle, clown masks, fireworks, smoke bombs, Glade air freshener, prizes, nuns, retarded men, nose flute solos, karate kicks, and geology quizzes. No shows are currently scheduled as Dick Panther has decided to leave the slums of Durham and make his way up to Cambridge, MA...

Daddy Dickhead - Vocals, horns, and toys
Dick Panther - Guitar and vocals
The Creep - Bass and backing vocals
Dudley Pud - Drums

The rabid Dick Panther in action
More Pricks pics:
Ronald McDonald At The Cave House Party Fireworks
Daddy Dickhead sings The Creep Eggs on Shirt  


- "2 Turds and a Golf Ball" track included on "2 Turds and a Golf Ball" CD compilation (released Nov. 2002) [buy this item]

- "Live at King's Barcade 1-1-00" bootleg CD-R (released August 2000 by Larvae Records - 14 tracks)

- "High Kicks To Your Dicks" CD (315 pressed - released September 1999 - 20 tracks) [buy this item]

- "Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend" 7" EP (302 pressed - 300 are hand numbered - released Feb. 1999 - 4 songs) [buy this item]

- "31 Flavors" track included on "Bridges of Dissonant County" CD compilation (released Dec. 1998 on 2A Records)

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